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My mysterious locker

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Today I found SOMETHING in my locker, it was 4 raffle tickets. I though it was my lucky day but yesterday something even strange was in my locker it was a…..

part 2 will be coming up soom

stop plastic pollution ಥ‿ಥ

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Please can we stop laming because poor  creatures eat plastic that makes a huge impact to our world. Think about if we liter in the ocean and a small fish costume the debrie then a bigger fish eat the small fish then a human eat the fish then the human would possibly die which is like a virus. Secentist say plastic pollution could invading our World in lots of form and different wase. So we should stop plastic pollution  and grow plants to be erco friendly.




The inavding aeroplane (part 2)

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Ahhhhhhhhhh every  one scream and they saw the Dark scary  creature! A a Creature it really  a creature  ” (I munbled )” hey you  the Dark creature  said! Hii well how are you and how  did you come up to the aeroplane. We have to go the creature  said no way  I’m not going with  you because  your  a horrendous  creature. Let’s just go Now  the creature  said. OK OK I’ll go as I  went with  the horrendous creature but when I saw the creature face but I couldn’t  believe what was under it face…

The invading aeroplane

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Chapter one the invading aeroplane .      ‘[mummmm]’  the boy mumbled.  oh how are you?  well let me tell my name so my name is Danile Fish leg. ‘[honeyyy]’  we have to go  to the ariport  i  was misreble and shaking with fear as i took a breath  and went in the aeroplane… I was in the aeroplane sitting in my seat but suddenly the black mysterious door o pen  a dark creture peed out…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              next chapter coming up


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An Aeroplane is a flying machine that travels all over the world above the skies.An Aeroplane travels thousands of miles to where your destiny is and it delivers cargo.An Aeroplane can be  relaxing when it is night time.The people that invented Aeroplanes were Wright brothers,Victor Tatin,Alberto Santo Dumont and E.Lilian Todd. Aeroplanes  are help people to travel to far away places.Did you know the first person who first controlled the flight in a powered airplane was Orville Wright in the Wright Flyer?