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The misty grave

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Frantically in a far forest long ago there was some campers that discovered a misty graveyard where nothing grows and underneath the ground the mysterious creature lays beneath the camper’s campsite . While one of the campers discovered misty crimson grave shouted,” Leave this place , NOW !”





The man in dangle…

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As the man was taking his usual Sunday stroll through the forest he came across the most mysterious thing anyone had ever seen. Unbelievably, the man was thinking whether he should run  but he decided to go study it. It was when he saw it , shock froze his heart . He felt an icy claw of fear as the man tried to move . Long , thick and ruby red .A rope . Hanging from the sky . What does it do? Where did it come from?

Is it dangerous? Just then his incredible gaze travelled up the base of its thick hemps to …  he could hear it calling him. He needed to see what it did. He wanted to see what it was connected to – there was no top. It just went on and on. Higher and higher. Curiosity grabbed him and in a moment of stupidity – he pulled it CLICK! He pulled the rope dangling from the sky. A decision he’d regret forever.

Dough mashers

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Once opon a time there was a happy family one child one mum and one dad .There dad was a dough crusher, the mum was a sower so she sows dresses and the boy was a farmer, the boy’s name was called Michael the mum was called Rebeca and the dad was called John . One day an old lady came to the cottage to give them a special rose but John didn’t take the offer so she cursed the family and every night they will turn into stone , but he fallen to his knees and tried to take the offer after she told him the concequence.]:


Tiger Planet ): ): ): ): ):

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In a land far away were no one knows about a planet called the tiger planet !!!

2 men from planet earth travels across the universe  but on the way there unexpectedly  a dreadful tiger follows them back home. The tiger at first was fine then the tiger tried to attacked them , but they tried to escape the rocket but the tiger was blocking our escape!!!

How was we able to escape?!

Just then a man was ate by the tiger ! ):

Ghost city !!! ): …. ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):

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In all the streets, they have uncovered things that no one knows about.  This is a ghost city full of good and evil ghosts.  The good ghosts are trying to stop the bad ghosts and the bad ghosts are trying to rob banks.  However, the money is ghost money and not original money, it is see through for the ghosts to grab hold of.  Good ghost cops lured the robber ghosts into a money trap which is made of gold.  We need to get rid of the bad ghosts and their ghostly money, but where would we hide it all?                                                                                                                                              Thank you for reading this.