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weird monkey

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one day I went to the zoo and I saw this monkey looking on this apple laptop and I thought was very strange.  I went back home to my son which is 7 years of age .  I went into my study room to get on my laptop but I saw that monkey again , I really had no idea what to do.

I just tried to engorge him but he kepped on being annoying and made me so angry he smacked me round the  face so I called the police and ran off my son got hurt so I called the ambulance.

forest lover

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I’ve only just seen this so I am  just going to tell you what I saw.      I saw him and took  a picture  of him but… he jumped all over me and I  found myself in the suit and I really loved being as creepy as the black figure.   I just caught myself in a bad situation, I had no clue where the real black THING was so I tried to escape out of the cloak but it was to late.

I was bleeding all over but  my torso was the worst.  I  was crying my eyes out until my mom and dad came.   They were  really scared so they called the police.  But what happened …?

No-one knows!

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I am a secret robber and no-one knows and today was one off the creepiest day of my life. To be fair my mom is NOT agreeing on my robbery, but my Dad does so I went to the BANK and got some Gold. I had like 100 police on me so everyone had to RUN for there lives.  I went to do a robbery but I just found out that it was my mom and dads house.  This brings back memories and I was in two minds ether I robbed it or just left it as it is. I had know clue what to do…..

I robbed it but where would we hide it all?