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The era beast

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The era beast is a inter-dimensional menace it has a beard thingamajig that tears open the rift between physical entity’s and spiritual entity’s. the era beast can open rifts between time, space, reality and physical objects. The era beast is only as big as a small springer spaniel but don’t be scoffing and going “well that’ll be easy to defeat” cause it wont, in the era beasts case, size wont mater in a battle. the era beast has a shrill cry that lures any good person too it, thinking its a cry lost girl, but then that decent honest person gets gobbled up. the era beast has a line a poisonous claws that rip through his back. the era beast is native to a small settlement in  the middle of the fire desert. the era beast also has a horn, like a unicorn, on its forehead that shoots out electricity. the maleficent beast has hoofs to keep it steady and it looks like some camel tracks, so anyone would follow them, thinking it will lead to a mean of traveling, but then getting gobbled up. the final thing this beast has to offer is a scorpion tail, long, thin and deadly, but instead of emitting venom, the era beast emits a toxic gas that can infiltrate the lungs and stop them from working. that is all the era beast does, the end…

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I was sleeping at night, but then I woke up, because, I heard a noise, a meow, but it sounded like it came from…the loo. I grasped my card board whacky tube [wacky as in whack you round the head with tube]and went to the loo nothing was there… but then there was a noise as if something was flushing up… something was flushing up… and after I got soaked with water with who knows what In it.. I realised it was a cat but unlike normal cats it had no spine and no spine, oh and did I mention it was whereing a cabookie  mask, it looked at me, its two blank eyes stared at me. but as It jumped up to pounce on me I grasped the pipe and ripped it out of its spot I whacked it on the bum, it went down the toilet . I ran to the window. the cat went down the another house. to another victim…

my only ‘COMEDY’ post

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In the beginning nothing happened the end , well its not the end because something happened something so interesting I think this is going to be split into 2 parts, so all I can say is grab a biscuit , sit down and get ready!!!!!.

So basically there was this boy, and his name was… wait what was he called again, oh yeah, his name was Milo… Milo curry [yes that was his name] and he had a sister called Diana curry, and  …what was I going to write, ah yes… and they were the best of friend but one day , a giant mon…hold on! if I wrote that,A, there would be no detail, and,B, it would be a massive spoiler so lets reverse to before the _ _ _ _ _ _ came. It was a lovely day, some sun, some cloud , but still, something wasn’t right, Diana and Milo were walking through a dark forest [no it wasn’t at night it was just known for people disappearing] Milo heard a chilling howl, [MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!] until they came face to face with a monster…a monster cat, and ironically there was a fish bone sitting next to the humans, so they through it to the cat and run the end…or is it

oh no!

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I got a pet one day, the troublesome type. I brang it home and sat it down in my sisters old high chair, she walked in and stood as still as a statue “why is there a MONKEY in my old high chair?” she exclaimed whilst making a cup of tea. “cause…I found it?”. she raised an eyebrow. later that day, my monkey was sitting by my BRAND NEW laptop when it looked at it, crept forwards , then boom my brand new laptop was destroyed. 🙁 THE END (or is it?)……….

The great escape

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I was once walking through a zoo and then I heard a announcement over the speaker “a tiger has escaped, please report to the cafeteria for lockdown, so I ran as fast as I could towards the exit, when I stopped for a breather, I was in the aquatic area. I looked into a fish tank and saw a black and orange paw scooping up an unlucky white fish. it was above me. above the tunnel that I was in. I ran. towards the exit but the tiger was blocking our escape I found an air pistol, so I shot the roof , the tiger fled into a corner. when I got to the exit of the zoo I noticed the animal control.

eclipse of the tree dwellers

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I was walking through the forest one day, with a friend, when he nudged me and said that “I saw a statue move” , so I replied with “umm no there are no sta…” I stopped there WAS a statue and it WAS moving I ran when I turned around my friend was gone! I stood there wondering where he went until I heard a very girly scream like a dying cow, it was him  I ran until I could  see him, I saw him but he was a statue suddenly, a cold hand grabbed me and dragged me away…

paradise for criminals

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As I walked down the ally way I noticed a small dusty door only big enough for a small boy. I could fit through there. so I did. when I went through I saw bags and bags of money I heard talking, talking of stealing and robbery. I was in a den for…CRIMINALS!. “dis is  paradise for criminals! the only problem is when the police come where would we hide it all?” spoke the large criminal “what?” replied the puny criminal ” the money” spoke the large criminal back. I knew I had to escape other wise I could be framed!  and, I don’t think my mum will be happy if I go to prison , I noticed a small warp hole across the room that led to the field at the end of my road , so when the escapes weren’t looking , I made a run for it , well, the criminals noticed , and, I got shot at by a pistol but I managed to doge the slick bullets , it was a swift retreat, but I managed , and got home in time to go to the cinema. But the criminals managed to track me to odean and my dad had to call police and s.w.a.t and the bad guys went to prison.

haunted town holiday!

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Since I came into this town feelings of eeriness have been coming into my stomach. I feel this town is haunted. Mum said that this is going to be a ‘family’ holiday but its turning into a nightmare!   first I feel a cold hand on my back, then some thing falls of the shelf when no one was around and finally, some thing brushes past me when no one was there!!!!! its crazy , I need to sweet talk mum for us to go home because otherwise, this is the end of me…