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The hand of danger ……

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The hand that is the biggest mystery ever it moves every night. everybody is  terrified  were it might be or might do.

one night it moved nobody new were but that night it began the world domination it began in Southampton year 2001.

place by place the took hand and destroyed what will happen will it be the end or the begging.


cats and dogs

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in the begging cats and dog ruled the world. Then one day suddenly they and felt happiness.  then the public decided “no we do want  animals to be boss” so they set up a campaign against the cats and dogs.

                         three years later,

the dogs and cats have kittens and puppies. Then a few more puppies and kittens arrive. The next day every thing went wrong the humans decided they would move to a another planet instead of fighting. the cats and dogs were happy but they felt alone and didn’t understand “why did they go” said custard [the cat]

                  dun dun dun …….