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The monkey School !!!!!

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In the monkey school all the people or monkeys should I say. So yeah  all the teachers are monkeys and the head teacher oh well he’s got his own temper and so does my monkey yes I have a monkey that goes to that school.

Yesterday the can talk and he told me about his day, yeah his name is Mickey, it was bad from what I herd because of his head teacher he throw his laptop onto the floor!!!!!!!!!!

It was unbelievable he hit my monkey Mickey and cracked his head. He was crying on the floor in shock.



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Today we went to the Zoo and it was fun, at first we started at the tigers and then we went to the elephants and there was a big hole in the middle of the cage and we were worried and did not know what to do so when we saw it my friend Charlie ran away so then I was right behind him but he is quite faster than me so  he ran to the fire exit and I asked why, there was a tiger running after him and it was faster than him THE TIGER WAS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE!!!!!!

Mrs Sandwich.

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One day I was eating a SANDWICH and when I about to take my first bite it talked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I though it onto the floor. Don’t blame me I was scared, It was a talking sandwich!! Then it said ‘OWCH’. Then it said ‘hello’. Then I screamed like a girl.

But after a while  I was fine about it. But then it said it was on low BATTTERY so I went to find some so it could be energetic.

so I HURRIED to the WHITE shop round the corner so that was a quite stressed day.

That was my blog today.

The Person!!!!!

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The person that I saw was weird and dark so, I walked up to them and asked if they were ok, but in a deep voice she or he said ‘no, ‘.

I had my friends next to me and one of them went home, then I thought  ‘Who ever they are they should not be in my back garden . So first I tried to say ‘ Go  away ,’ but it did not move so then another friend went home and after that I was tempted to go tell my mum and dad.

But I thought if we were afraid he or she would come back, they could just be a teenager  trying to be funny to his friends. So I was not scared but then they started to take off their hood and I saw it was a….

  • He was green.
  • It was a he.
  • He was bold.
  • He looked a bit like this but he was bold.                                                                                                                           .  

I just robbed my old house!!!

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Image result for cartoon robber at a houseI don’t like my parents so I just robbed them!!!!

When I was younger  they treated me like a baby until I was 19. I was so angry when  I was 19 they and they both had augment  disowned me and throw me out onto the streets and I lived on the street for about 2 seconds, because my mum felt bad.

So now I have my old PS2, XBOX360 and my 65 INCH TV!!!Ops now you probably know I am rich well my parents are anyway, so I am going to try and rob my best thing of all, my mums and dads rings and sell them. But where would I hide it all? I have found places to hide my PS2 and my XBOX360. but what about my 65 INCH TV!!!!!


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This is a ghost town or is it which county is it in if it is in your lock your doors a hide they look like normal people but are they. In the background that do not realize. Some of the lights are off , so you can see them, some of you will think that they are reflection but some of you will not. It looks like a busy town but most of them are ghosts and are sometimes invisible but in this picture we found them and it look like there heads are chopped off and are dead in our world…