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the day of night

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One day there was a boy that wanted to play outside his name was Jack. He always played with his friend Maximus. Whenever they played they always went to a forest nearby. They also like to explore in different places that blew their mind. One day they were going to the park at night. Their parents knew and thought it was ok, so they went all the way to the park and was surprised when they saw a light. They didn’t know what it was so they persuaded each other to go and touch it ended up Maximus as Jack was holding his shoulder something magical happened they both shot up in the air as it was a wave of water flooding their skin they didn’t know what happened.the blindly walked up a pair of stairs in front of them and they saw something unlivable …


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Help me idk what to write with “because i said so” in it pleassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A mans home

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One lonely day lived a man could Diece and he wanted a good home that would welcome him if he went on a business trip or help him cook. Dieces home now is just a wreck hes got 6 sisters and 4 brothers. He told his mum that he wanted to move out and his mum responded “Fine but you have to take a brother. With ten children to look after is mayhem!” Diece accepted the deal and he took his favorite brother Jacky. His mum rented a apartment a few blocks away.

Deice bought some furniture and moved in with Jacky. They both had a room each with a kitchen and a living room.They were happy with there new life but something was missing somthing that could end the world…


To be continued

happy day

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One day there was a old man that wanted to have the best day of his life before he could die.He went to the doctor said “i’m sorry but you only have 1 week to live and after 1 week you’ll die sorry to break the news.”The man was depressed and didn’t know what to do the next 168 hours.But then he realized he wanted 6 days of relaxing and on the last day he would have lots and fun and will enjoy his life for the last moments whilst he could that leads up to now where hes going to spend the best time no one would have.

So the mans fun day is starting he feeling really sad and happy at the same time with other emotions cramped inside of his head and he didn’t know which to chose.On his fun day he went to the park to remind him of when he was a kid and how his mother took him on walks with her they spent more time at the park then in the house it was like a home for them but unfortunately his mother died so he stopped going to the park because it remembered him of his mother but today he wanted to remember her.

The second place he wanted to visit was his old house because he had some good memories and wanted to relive them.the man didn’t know who lived there but he knocked and asked “can i come? in i used to live here” the people responded “yeah sure!” He looked around and thought “wow everything has changed from when i used to live here!”

The third place he wanted to visit is his daughters he always loved in his daughter.HE knocked on her door and asked if he could come in and talk.She responded “yes of course come in and sit down dad!”. He explained the hole story to the daughter and he asked when he dies he wanted her to host the funeral.She cried on the mans shoulder and mumbled “please don’t go i need you!” the man replied “just please host the funeral” the girl mumbered again “anything for you dad!” with a tear dropping down her face

The man finished his fun day and wanted to live for longer but the night can and a shadow of darkness came and struck the city torture and mayhem has been released that night the old man died just like the doctor said.

As promised the girl hosted the funeral on June 4 1945 the girl cried and wanted comfort but because her mother died it was up to her to make the family tree grow but it never did


by WilliamH

the forgotten book!

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One day a boy named Geo read a book that was super good.One day he was acting clumsily so he had a bath to hope that it would go away but it would never go away and he would be stuck with clumsiness for all of his life. when he got old he turned into a orange fighter whilst he dance on the corps of his enemies!