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Don’t look around the corner!

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There I was in the forbidden old cobwebbed place.I roamed around looking for what I might just do next…………..I found a Freddo but it was probably like a MILLION YEARS OLD so I decided to leave everything alone and just keep on exploring the place cautiously and then that’s when something caught my eye! I was so angry that I decided to look away and not be bothered about it.It was my BFF Charlotte and her 2 sisters Amy and Eleanor I was not impressed. I did tell them to wait outside the front door of the place but they must of got scared that something could of taken them so ventured their way to me.”Why are you 3 here I did tell you to wait outside this place!””We got scared sorry.”I knew it!


The Eggbert new and inclusive available at Tesco x

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Mrs Taylor threw an assembly and introduced the one and only Eggbert the great! PS he represents your brain xxxxxxxxx

The weird thing was that Mrs Taylor smashed him …………………………………………………………………… i was upset because my brain is washed up and drowned been crushed.WA WA WA! I actually did not feel bad for him to be fair at least I actually dont like raw eggs so who cares I dont think anyone does as someone will eat him soon!!!!!!!!!!!! I thankfully washed him for no reason at all ( jokes!) I couldnt care less! Ha Ha Ha im so funny! yas yas yas

To Mrs Addleton

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The house of Magic is about a cat that gets thrown away from its family and doesn’t know why? He arrives at a house that everyone is afraid of because of the crazy old man that lives there.The poor cat had never heard of this manic place but he went inside anyway then to greet him there was a rabbit and a mouse very mean yes and the mouse was called Maggie and the rabbit was named Carlo they were best friends best bully friends!

Then the cat went into the house and a big tall shrivelled up man that was called Monty and he was very nice to the cat and Monty even named the cat as it was thundering outside he called him Thunder and he looked after him forever more! THE END!

When me and Layla-May had a sleepover on the 19th to the 20th!

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It was the 19th of January 2019 and I was going to my dads when I got a call from Sally Layla-May’s mum to go to a sleepover at Layla-May’s house and we ate loads and loads of yummy treats we were nearly sick and they were all my choices ha ha ha! I chose the House of magic,Lilo and Stitch,and finally the most amazing Mr cat in the hat! They were each as fun as each other but me and Layla-May agreed on our favourite one it was obviously the cat in the hat what would be yours comment below xx

My Christmas Day!part 3

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  1. At the moment it is the 19th of December and I feel sick. All because of the chocolate last night that I ate non stop.

All I could think about was Christmas Day which was 6 days from now,it drives me completely insane.I have gave my Christmas list to santa clause and hopefully he has got all that I’ve wanted by now.Here this is an idea of what it looks like.

To Santa Clause,

can I have these four things.

A massive teddy bear,

Sweets (Haribo giant strawberries)

A Lamborghini (for an 8 year old)

And finally an aquabeads set.

Thank you end of Part 3.


My Christmas day!Part 2

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As you know, Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I told you in Part 1,the only reason why is because when you dream about you getting loved even more than you do every normal day. Its not about all of the presents, its about giving and fun.

Now lets get off my lovey-dovey side and lets get to my real side! So last Christmas I gave my heart to Mrs Addleton ,but she never gave it back, so eventually I died of not being able to breath!The Christmas before that I sold a Lamborghini and it went to William S so then I felt sorry because William is in Lapland and the Lamborghini is now well so far away from me.😔😞😞😔😞😞😔😞😞😔😞😞😔😞😞hope you liked my Christmas day part 2 bye!!!!!!!

My christmas day!

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It was the 11th of December and I just couldn’t wait for Christmas day as we all know Christmas day is on the 25th day of December.Whenever its Christmas day for me I think of it as one wonderful white snow gleaming Christmas, but that’s only what I think, some people think that Christmas is just one whole big bah-humbug.The next day, I saw a portal and I jumped inside it was magical and inside it had sparkly Christmas presents and they were wrapped in a beautiful shade of scarlet and limestone, when I opened my eyes there was an angel!

My second day at marwell zoo

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You wont believe it i met up with that crazy yellow gorilla!I couldnt believe it, he had been following me around could it be true, I saw that a koala had escaped from its enclosure, so I rushed after it and when I got to where the koala was going, it looked as if there was a tiger, monkey, penguin and a few toucans with obviously the koala and somehow, without me seeing, the crazy gorilla still carrying his bananas in the bathtub and of course he was still as yellow as ever sitting next to the monkey and toucans .

My childhood

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My childhood is fun and i apparently looked cuter.And funnily i agree,looking at all the pictures that my mum sister Kelsey and sister Amber took of me although my nanny finds them really funny whilst i sort of find them humiliating! My mum said that we seemed to be on the television that`s probably because i was so beautiful i never would of understood because i am Freya C and you should know me well!