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The black banana

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There once was a black banana, hanging on the oldest jungle tree in the oldest jungliest jungle. This banana was no ordinary banana for 2 reasons.1; it was black and 2; it could talk, and every animal in the jungle prayed to it as they believed that it was special and that is was a gift and that they had to protect it. King Leo lion was the carer of the damaged black banana, and he spoke with him every day to see what he wanted. One day King Leo lion said to the jungle that he wants to name the black banana so they had a vote. Zara Zebra voted for Juanpa, Ellie Elephant voted for Jumbo, Taylor Tiger voted for Jason and Holly Hippo voted for Jumped Jackson. King Leo lion found out who got to name the black banana based on who got the most votes. The name Juanpa got 90 votes,the name Jason got 123 votes, the name Jumbo got 220, and the banana was named Jumped Jackson and suddenly the banana became heavy somehow!

Daria Layla and ME!

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Hi im Freya and my life is pretty crazy but i have my 2 best friends Layla and Daria. They help me through everything i have to go through.Layla is my best best best friend and Daria is my best friend.

Whenever I sing Layla always says her mind is blown and she makes me feel more confident when i sing infront of her.

Layla is my bestest friend. EVER!Other than Charlotte.Layla is always lovely but can be annoying when she wants to be. Most of the times she says i sing like one of my other friends that thinks she can sing but she really cant.I hope thats a joke Layla!

Daria is nice but can be annoying when she wants to be, which is not often. Daria is a nice girl and I’m glad to have her as friend as well as Layla ( and Charlotte)!







Lila, Lola, Ruby, Josie, Josie’s mum, and me!

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I have been thinking (that’s very dangerous) that I want to do a script in blogging so that is what I am going to do!

Cast : Charlotte is Lola

Layla is Lila

Daria is the mum

Summer is Josie’s mum and Josie

Annie is Ruby

Freya ( me) is the author

(Layla is playing on her phone when Charlotte walked into her room.)

Layla: I know what your going to say, get off your phone in 5 minutes so I can play with you.

Charlotte : Yes that is exactly what I was going to say.How did you know ?

Layla : You say it every time when you come in my room.

Charlotte :Oh yeh, anyways mum is nearly done cooking dinner.

Layla : Ok let’s go down now

Daria : Lola! Lila! Sit at the table your favourite dinner will be served in a minute ; Pasta with tuna and cheese!

Charlotte : (enthusiastically) Yummy!

Layla : ( sarcastically) Yum.

Daria : Be grateful Lila.

Layla : I didn’t say I wasn’t grateful.

Daria : Are you mouthing me off?

Layla : So when is dinner ready?

Charlotte : Ha ha you got told off!

Layla : Shut up Lola!
Daria : Lila don’t be horrible to your sister and Lola don’t chat back or you’ll get told off as well.

Charlotte : Sorry mum, (turns to Layla) are you ok because you looked sad when you got told off.

Layla : (whimpering) I never get sad what are you talking about ( sniffs twice)

Charlotte : Never mind.

Daria : Girls eat your dinner and stop chatting remember we have to get to Lila’s dance class in ten minutes.

Both : Ok

Charlotte : Mummy remember that I am sleeping at Josie’s house tonight .

Daria : Oh yes, I will drop you off first because Josie’s house is closer

Charlotte : Ok

Daria : Girls, run upstairs and get changed. Lola I will help you pack your bag.

Charlotte : Thanks mummy

( Layla comes downstairs ready for dance )

Daria : Well done Lila. Lola! Come on I will pack your bag whilst you get changed.
( Charlotte comes downstairs ready to go to Josie’s house)

Charlotte : I’m ready

Daria : So am I. Lila get your shoes on, Lola I’ll help you get yours on

Charlotte: Thank you mummy

( they all finish putting their shoes on)

Daria : Jump in the car and let’s go girls!

Both: Ok

Layla : I dibs the front seat

Charlotte : Ok that’s fair because I went in the front yesterday

Daria : Well done for letting Lila sit in the front

Charlotte : It’s ok I don’t mind

( they arrive at Josie’s house)

Daria : Are you alright walking in by yourself because I need to drop Lila off at dance

Charlotte : Yes it’s ok

Summer ( Josie’s mum) : Are you not stopping in for tea

Daria : Sorry but I don’t have enough time

Summer ( Josie) : Yay! It’s Lola!

Summer and Charlotte : Yay!

Summer ( Josie’s mum) : Ok have a great day

Daria : You too

Charlotte : Bye mummy, love you

Daria : Love you too darling

( they leave, and arrive at Layla’s dance class )

Layla : Bye mum, ( looks to Annie ) Yay it’s Ruby !!!!!!!

Daria: Bye sweetheart

(Daria leaves)

Annie : I’ve missed you , I haven’t seen you since that time in half term because obviously we don’t go to the same school! Oh I’m just so happy to see you!
Layla : Me too!
(they hug)

Thank you for reading my story / script, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you will read the rest of my blogs x





The slowest animal in my world!

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I am the slowest animal in the world and I want Freya to type because I am really slow at it so over to you Freya!

Hi its Freya here, I am going to tell you a bit about my friend BB bear, she is really nice, she is a grizzly bear a slow one and a nice one.

Anyways, lets get on with the story of  THE SLOWEST ANIMAL IN MY WORLD!…….

Harry Kane

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This is Harry Kane, he plays for the England team and my dad loves him even more than he loves Jan Bednarek and he loves Jan Bednarek. Unfortunately I can’t get a picture of him sos bye come back next time to hear about Martinneli .

Saturday Maturday

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Today is Saturday. I call it Saturday Maturday because it rhymes and it’s the first day of the weekend! So, lets talk a bit about Saturday Maturday

Saturday Maturday is my favourite day because it’s the first day of the weekend. I was on my way to Tesco on a Saturday morning , when I got there I realised that it wasn’t open but that’s okay because I have plenty of other shops around me, therefore I will go to One Stop instead.

Yay! Oh wait…… No! I checked One Stop, it’s not open! Although it was Saturday, nothing was open!

Jan Bednarek

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Image result for Jan BednarekThis is Jan Bednerak. My dad is very angry because i met him and he didn’t. He is a defender in the saints football team and thats all for today, see you next time so we can talk about Harry Kane.

The one and only yellow bike…….

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There once was a lovely yet beautiful girl named Layla she rode her bike all the way to her friend’s house, she loved her friend’s house.

Layla was riding to Charlotte’s house. Charlotte was picking Daria up from her house but Layla wanted to ride her bike to Daria’s house.So Charlotte went to Daria’s house in the car, and Layla went to Daria’s house on her bright yellow bike.

The reason why they were all joining up together is because they were going to Freya’s party.Charlotte arrived at Freya’s party with Daria right on time but Layla was very very late….

Layla had crashed her bright yellow bike on a big palm tree! lot.  Related imageLayla was fine but her bike wasn’t but it got fixed and is now as beautiful as it was when she first saw it!

Don’t look around the corner!

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There I was in the forbidden old cobwebbed place.I roamed around looking for what I might just do next…………..I found a Freddo but it was probably like a MILLION YEARS OLD so I decided to leave everything alone and just keep on exploring the place cautiously and then that’s when something caught my eye! I was so angry that I decided to look away and not be bothered about it.It was my BFF Charlotte and her 2 sisters Amy and Eleanor I was not impressed. I did tell them to wait outside the front door of the place but they must of got scared that something could of taken them so ventured their way to me.”Why are you 3 here I did tell you to wait outside this place!””We got scared sorry.”I knew it!