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My childhood

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My childhood is fun i agree but apparently i look cuter in all my baby pictures that ive tooken over the years. But if youve been a lonely child like me for five years and then another family member just came in your life then you would know how hard it is to have to share your parents with another child. Though if you think about it its quite fun having a little brother or sister!

The baby unicorn part 2

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M reAfter a moment Rainbow decided it was time she started picking if she wanted to get home in time for the trick or treaters. When she arrived home she thought “I wonder whats behind the door?” Could it be Mum with an angry face a creepy Halloween decoration hung by the door to scare her or could it just be the normal walkway she was used to. But when she entered she saw her Mother in the door way with an angry face. “What do you think your doing ?” “Creeping out of the house in the middle of the night without permission!” Shouted her mother. “Anyway,lets go to bed.” Her friends Cookie and Crumble (the twins)came over the next morning and ate loads and loads of sweets that Rainbow got from her trick or treating day!Sugar Rainbows best friend was late but she was here now which was all that mattered and she obviously ate loads of sweets too. After all the “eating” the unicorn friends asked Rainbows mother if they could go out in the enchanted woods to explore the new bits that were being created by the magical forest itself, so Rainbows mum said “Sure just be really careful i don’t want you or any of your great unicorn friends being injured or lost all on their own.” So off they trotted in the most happiest mood they could possibly be in!

The baby unicorn

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“Mum can i go out and look for goo berries to give to the trick or treaters ?” Asked Rainbow the baby unicorn. “No because its dark outside”Said her mother.”But i’m seven i should be allowed to at least go down the road and pick berries!” “Well your not going because i said so” But one thing her mother didn’t know was that Rainbow was going to sneak outside and pick goo berries just before the trick or treaters started arriving.Later on that night Rainbow closed the front door behind her and trotted down the street.”Hahaha” She thought as she finally arrived by the goo berry bush.