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Jamie and the Sun Minion

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One cloudy day, Jamie was outside playing in his barren garden when his mum strolled out and exclaimed “Get in this minute Jamie, because the sun will come out from behind that cloud any second now and you don’t have your sunglasses on!”  Jamie ignored his mum and got more toys from his toy shed.  He chose a teddy minion and put it in the dirt.  Jamie lay in the dirt alongside his beloved toy and lifted his head up towards the sky.  As he watched the sky he noticed a minion shaped cloud but the sun peeped out and the light blinded him.  Very quickly, Jamie covered his eyes with his hands and shouted “Mum.  My eyes!”  Then he went to the opticians to learn how to keep his eyes safe in the sun.



The boy who got his problem solved.

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“We seemed to be on the television” mum said when she tried to print the photos off the TV.  Mum went mad because she didn’t want to be famous.  The police came round to put the mum and dad in jail.  So the little mean boy had no one to play with.  He was feeling sad because people had been mean to him at school.  His mum was allowed out of prison so she sorted the bullying out by asking school to help.  The school taught the bullies how to be nice.  Then the police came round and said good work.  The children went out to play with his friends and his mum said he has been good at school.